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30th anniversary



Chapter 56

The truth told to Sakura.
For the sake of the person he loves, Syaoran raises his sword!

It can be read in various languages.

You can enjoy it in various languages, such as Japanese, English, Chinese and French.

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With Kero

Cardcaptor fans, tell us about yourselves!


#withkero @hatamiyo

I went all out on a new outfit based on the 30 anniversary merchandise. I hope Mokona and the others like it...!


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What is "With Kero"?


Official CLAMP merchandise shop


  • 2021.08.05
    The CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION re-release of CLAMP titles will be published monthly starting August 5.
    The premier title in the collection is the dark fantasy “xxxHOLiC” that sold over 14 million total copies!!
    All of the CLAMP titles in the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION series will be bound in the same design to create a unified collection exclusively from Kadokawa.
    Each cover will feature a new illustration from CLAMP.
    Keep an eye out to see which title Kadokawa will release after xxxHOLiC!
    The new edition of xxxHOLiC comes with a special postcard!!
    Each volume of the re-released xxxHOLiC will come with a postcard included featuring the cover illustration.
    As an added bonus,
    anyone who buys every volume can send in to receive a special xxxHOLiC postcard binder!!
    *For more information, please check the information included on the wrap-around obi on each volume.
  • 2021.08.03
    Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card will be in the September edition of Nakayoshi, available on August 3!
    “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” Volume 11 Standard Edition and Special Edition go on sale October 13th!
    Preorders are now available at several online shops!
    The Special Edition of volume 11 comes with a miniature dress form showing off Sakura’s battle costume from the cover of volume 11 and framed portrait!!
    The dress form can also be used as an accessory holder.
    Special celebration movie for the 25th anniversary of Cardcaptor Sakura’s serialization
  • 2021.04.01
    xxxHOLiC will be adapted into a musical by Nelke Planning! The theatrical production of xxxHOLiC will open in theaters in the fall of 2021!!
    The otherworldly beautiful Yuuko Ichihara, who runs a shop that grants wishes will be played by Motohiro Ota, who has performed in many popular stage adaptations of manga and anime, as well as other large-scale musical productions in recent years. The role of Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who naturally attracts spirits, will be played by Shogo Sakamoto, who is well-known not just for acting on stage and in television dramas, but also as a singer.
    The director will be Fumiya Matsuzaki, who also worked on the Mankai Stage “A3!” series, Tekkonkinkreet, Moryo no Hako, and other productions. Masafumi Hata, who also worked on Tekkonkinkreet and Moryo no Hako, will write the script. With so many up-and-coming creators involved, you are sure to be welcomed into a rich and mysterious dark fantasy world.

  • 2021.03.31
    Chapter 52 of “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” will be in the May edition of Nakayoshi, available on April 2nd!
    Volume 10 (Standard Edition and Special Edition) goes on sale on Sakura’s birthday, Thursday, April 1st!
    The Special Edition this time comes with a CD of character songs and a mini book drawn especially by CLAMP!!
    See the Nakayoshi official website
  • 2021.02.01
    Chapter 50 of “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” will be in the March edition of Nakayoshi, available on February 3rd!
    “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” volume 9 standard edition and special edition are now on sale!
    The special edition of volume 9 comes with a costume-themed stationary set drawn by CLAMP!!
    See the Nakayoshi official website