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CLAMP has provided comments and an original illustration for the xxxHOLiC movie!


April 1 is both CLAMP Day and also Watanuki’s birthday!
To celebrate this occasion, CLAMP has provided comments and an original illustration!
Not only that, but a copy of the illustration will be handed out to customers at the theaters!!

The specially-made illustration revealed by CLAMP for the movie’s premier features our main characters, Kimihiro Watanuki smiling gently, Doumeki standing cool, and Himawari in her cute pigtails gathered around the beautiful and enchanting shop owner Yuuko!!
Watanuki, Doumeki, and Himawari are wearing their school uniforms, specially designed for this movie, making the illustration a must-have for fans!

As the original creators, CLAMP has also provided a comment!

Our dream of seeing
the visuals and story envisioned by director Mika Ninagawa,
who has shown her deep love
for xxxHOLiC, has come true.

We feel very fortunate,
both as creators and as movie fans.

The original illustration card (title undecided) will be handed out to movie patrons at theaters when the movie is released on April 29 (Fri)! Supplies are limited, so be sure to go early!